News from our slums

New Website, New Strategy

BasicViews Foundation launched a revised Slum Cinema website. The board wants to push the website forward as a wider social multimedia platform for Slum Cinema and other related projects. The idea is that from now young people worldwide become the main content suppliers. They get login access to a country news portal part of the site and can upload articles, news, photography and video reports.
All participants are connected to one platform of presentation and use there portal as a local portfolio and promotion tool. We need active young journalists and writing activist to give the site a new local content boost. When you feel you can contribute to this goal, please contact us, sent your details to and we get in touch with you.

Uganda most succesfull

Slum Cinema plans in Uganda were very succesfull since the start.In six month mobile reporting period Uganda Kampala chapter produced many video reports. In 2011-2012 some member continued with a mobile reporting project called Slum Journal International. Slum Journal in Uganda was a joint... read more

Burgeroorlog in Mali

Sinds 2011 heerst er eigenlijk al een sluimerende burgeroorlog in het Noorden van Mali. In 2014 slaagden jihadisten samen met ontevreden Toeareg rebellen erin een groot deeel van het land in een burgeroorlog te trekken. Franse en Nederlandse militairen dringen in korte tijd de rebellen terug... read more

Child sells for little pay

Kampala is the capital city and business centre of Uganda. There, some traders are employing young children to sell their goods for very little pay. 13-year old Ronald Ocheng is not anymore attending school but trying to secure his future. After the tragic death of his parents, caused by the war... read more

Miriyawalé financiele situatie

Dankzij enkele fondsen en donateurs, die ONG Miriyawalé ook in 2013 weer steunen, is Centre Miriyawalé bezig met haar vierde projectjaar. Oxfam Novib en Wilde Ganzen financieren het basisbudget van (€ 15.000,-). Daarnaast is er de solidariteit van privé donteurs, die onontbeerlijk is en verdere ... read more

Ethel Kabwato a woman writer in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean author and poet, Ethel Kabwato, says women authors continue to struggle in this country despite strides made by women in sectors like politics and business. 
Mrs Kabwato made these comments while speaking at a Food For Tought (FFT) session at the U.S. Embassy on International... read more

Slum Cinema Chapter Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe as Chapter never had the opportunity of financial support.Nevertheless it is the power of the coordinator Ethel Kabwato who keeps actrivities moving on. They organise screenings and activities in Harare and inner land locations.  

Some members realize local assignments to... read more

Slum Cinema Chapter Rwanda

In 2008 BasicViews Foundation did a Chapter survey in Rwanda. We found two partners (YES Rwanda and DEV) and a lot of support by people and organisations. In 2009 a screening was organized, but the local team was not stable yet to continue on its own.  

One of the important supporters in... read more

Chapter Kenya reorganized

Kenyan Chapter has been reduced in 2012 to a much smaller amount of active members. Due to lack of equipment after the theft of almost the whole studio, some members went into other work and activities.
A few of them found a job in the local multi media business. In the meantime the... read more

Restart screening in Slums

Last year all digital equipment of the Kenyan Chapter Nairobi was stolen. Still we don't know who was really behind this theft. The impact of this brutal crime for the Chapter was big and it was also the reason of upholding all activities the end of 2011 and in 2012. After reorganizing the... read more

Photo Exposition Slum Cinema

Slum Cinema Chapter Nairobi is preparing a photo exposition for the Alliance Francaise in Nairobi. The exposition exists of photography made for the Kariobangi exposition last year with new special selected pictures from last year. Visitors can buy the nice printed photo's and so support further... read more

Jobless Youth in Kenya

Jobless Youth in Kenya In Nairobi the capital of Kenya 70% of the population is youth and they are jobless. Youngsters try to find work at factories or train themselves to become automobile mechanic, but no job can be found. Over and over again job seeking youngsters are turned down in their... read more

Surinam prepares new start

2011 was not the best year for the Chapter Paramaribo. Reaching to the rain forest and inner land of Surinam is difficult and a very time consuming activity. The Surinam Chapter is leaded by director Alexander Tolin, in his country a respected theater maker and... read more

Slum Cinema Chapter Gambia

Chapter Gambia is beginning Chapter with a team of only 4-6 members. They live in the capital Baku and make ends meet hustling within the local tourism industry.

The Gambia is known of most friendly people and ideal beaches. Gambia is the smallest county on the continent and was once... read more