Jobless Youth in Kenya

Jobless Youth in Kenya In Nairobi the capital of Kenya 70% of the population is youth and they are jobless. Youngsters try to find work at factories or train themselves to become automobile mechanic, but no job can be found. Over and over again job seeking youngsters are turned down in their request for work. The elder people have no trust in the youth and refuse them. For the youngsters the economic situation is bad in Nairobi. They are so eager to find a job that some companies let them pay to get a job.

The consequence of this frustrating situation is engagement in bad activities, like: stealing, joining gangs and using drugs. The government should make better policies and strategies to make jobs accessible for the youth. Youth also should get more access to capital money or soft loans.

With a little money they can start their own small businesses to survive. Meanwhile they can build more capacities for their future. Thamar Paanen