News from Kenya

New Website, New Strategy

BasicViews Foundation launched a revised Slum Cinema website. The board wants to push the website forward as a wider social multimedia platform for Slum Cinema and other related projects. The idea is that from now young people worldwide become the main content suppliers. They get login access to a country news portal part of the site and can upload articles, news, photography and video reports.
All participants are connected to one platform of presentation and use there portal as a local portfolio and promotion tool. We need active young journalists and writing activist to give the site a new local content boost. When you feel you can contribute to this goal, please contact us, sent your details to and we get in touch with you.

Chapter Kenya reorganized

Kenyan Chapter has been reduced in 2012 to a much smaller amount of active members. Due to lack of equipment after the theft of almost the whole studio, some members went into other work and activities.
A few of them found a job in the local multi media business. In the meantime the coordination team hopes to set up new activities and connect to related projects and organisations. 

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Restart screening in Slums

Last year all digital equipment of the Kenyan Chapter Nairobi was stolen. Still we don't know who was really behind this theft. The impact of this brutal crime for the Chapter was big and it was also the reason of upholding all activities the end of 2011 and in 2012. After reorganizing the Chapter and responsibilities of the members, coordinator Mike Wamaya announced this week new screenings... read more

Photo Exposition Slum Cinema

Slum Cinema Chapter Nairobi is preparing a photo exposition for the Alliance Francaise in Nairobi. The exposition exists of photography made for the Kariobangi exposition last year with new special selected pictures from last year. Visitors can buy the nice printed photo's and so support further Slum Cinema activities in Kenya. The exposition is planned in April this year.

Jobless Youth in Kenya

Jobless Youth in Kenya In Nairobi the capital of Kenya 70% of the population is youth and they are jobless. Youngsters try to find work at factories or train themselves to become automobile mechanic, but no job can be found. Over and over again job seeking youngsters are turned down in their request for work. The elder people have no trust in the youth and refuse them. For the youngsters the... read more