News from Uganda

New Website, New Strategy

BasicViews Foundation launched a revised Slum Cinema website. The board wants to push the website forward as a wider social multimedia platform for Slum Cinema and other related projects. The idea is that from now young people worldwide become the main content suppliers. They get login access to a country news portal part of the site and can upload articles, news, photography and video reports.
All participants are connected to one platform of presentation and use there portal as a local portfolio and promotion tool. We need active young journalists and writing activist to give the site a new local content boost. When you feel you can contribute to this goal, please contact us, sent your details to and we get in touch with you.

Uganda most succesfull

Slum Cinema plans in Uganda were very succesfull since the start.In six month mobile reporting period Uganda Kampala chapter produced many video reports. In 2011-2012 some member continued with a mobile reporting project called Slum Journal International. Slum Journal in Uganda was a joint digital information project on cooperation with Voices of Africa mobile reporting. After Kenya the second... read more

Child sells for little pay

Kampala is the capital city and business centre of Uganda. There, some traders are employing young children to sell their goods for very little pay. 13-year old Ronald Ocheng is not anymore attending school but trying to secure his future. After the tragic death of his parents, caused by the war, he had to move down from Northern Uganda 400 km to Kampala. Now his relatives have posted him in... read more