About SlumCinema

Slumcinema started in 2007 In Kenya during the World Social Forum a multi-media project to show interesting documentaries in slums. The mobile Slum Cinema theaters were built by the residents of the slums themselves. At the World Social Forum there was a lot of attention for the information gap of local slum communities. The film performances in Nairobi Slum Cinema received a tremendous interest by the audiences. Around 4.000 people attended the many screenings during four days. Later the pilot also has been dropped in slums in other countries, including Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Suriname.

Planned was that other countries would follow as soon as new budgets were found. The full project is train local slum youth to become a photographer or video reporter and create picture information and video reports for the local communities and exchange this international. At same time young mediamaker work on making a living out of it. The information will be worldwide digital exchanged between the chapters through the online channel www.slumcinema.tv. After funding dried up Slum Cinema continued to be a network for youngsters in media, to echange, share and promote local media productions.

Also new countries/cities and local multi media makers are welcome to form a group and get acces to the network.