About us (BVF)

BasicViews is a non-profit foundation based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. BasicViews has a board, a director and a small support office in the Netherlands.

Several volunteers from the Netherlands supports Slum Cinema projects in different countries. Also other media related projects and development projects of former Slum Cinema members can be connected to the network.Slum Cinema is the brand name of the main international project initiated by BasicViews Foundation

In the project countries BasicViews works with local individuals and partner organizations, who work independent on the common goals. They participate in expanding the international information exchange, networking and marketing the Slum Cinema concept and the network tools.

Till 2011-2012 BasicViews Foundation was supported byproject based funds of some Dutch NGO''s. Now that there is no more budget the initiatives should come from local partners in diffrent countries who see the advantage of an own independent multi media sharing and exchange network. They show their own potential in the content nnetwork, enjoy the benefits regarding the use of the brand name, reputation, content and the are participant in international interactivity and exchange.

Partners in the project countries are autonomous and independent, but agree on the uses and rules of engagement. Of the new local partners own initiative, organization and volunteering is expected. As soon as possible local initiatives and projects planned and coached independent by a local staff. Meanwhile Basic Views Foundation does all within their abality to connect them international and give them exchange opportunities.