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Nairobi River Cleanup project

About 50 years ago there were no illegal settlements in the suburbs of Nairobi city and now more than 120.000 settlements of slums had reached along the river. Illegal dump garbage sites arose on the river banks.

The minister of environment has joint hands with UN nations and made a plan for the longer term to restore the Nairobi riversides and the natural state of the water. As a large scale project approximately 4 billion shillings is invested. Local authorities have made several steps for improvement; Because of the environmental regulations 30 metres of land from the river has been cleaned where they had to resettle 127,000 people from the riverbanks within 30 metres to other sites. 3 temporary abandoned quarries have been made to dump the waste from the riverside from almost 10km stretch. Also measures against illegal dumps from local garages and other technical entrepreneurs have been made and hot lines are set up to report disturbances.

In our collection of video reports you can see such an immense local operation it takes to clear the dump out of this river. This was in the Peace River Clean-up Campaign with partners and locals of the community. If order of the garbage has sustain during time I will ask our reporters in Nairobi Kibera.

Mobile phone film competition

The festival aims at providing an opportunity to anyone to create and capture images to tell a unique story using mobile phones, the most accessible technology on the African continent.

To increase public awareness and participation, public is being asked to vote online fore these films which are chosen by experts in various fields.
Prizes for winners are; First Prize: 1000 Euros, Second Prize: 500 Euros, Third Prize 250 Euros and the Audience Choice Award: 150 Euros.
Other prizes such as filmmaking training opportunities and screenings at film festivals for the winners are being negotiated. The submissions must reach Arterial Network on 31 October 2011.

We will follow the teams about their submissions and update after the date has passed.

Olivia Langenberg

Slum Cinema's online future

Last year 2011 Slum Cinema Headquaters in Amsterdam lost all funding due to political changes in the Netherlands. The Headoffice cannot support anymore local projects with money and human resource support. But we stay alive in an online way.

This new Slum Cinema website is launched to create a world wide community of slum cinema initiatives in countries worldwide. Any group in countries where young people create and can show slum cinema alike multi media activities can participate. You form an organised chapter of at least 2-3 active members and apply for international membership. If the activity is simular to other Slum Cinema activities we can give you a special country/chapter section on our site as a portfolio of your activities, projects and plans.

For membership it is important to show regular local activities in slums and deprived areas. You and your group have projects and projectplans for the future and you organise yourself properly. Our network can help you to develop further and being part of the community exchange of knowledge, content and anything else what is possibel.

Having your own Chapter section you can upload articles, photography and video's and show it to the international Slum Cinema community and audience. With a few hundred thousands of unique views yearly it is an interesting and growing channel.

Support Slum Cinema to survive?

In the five years that Slum Cinema activities have been developed in many countries nobody still doubt about this succesfull development concept. But with good words only Slum Cinema cannot survive!! The SLC office in the Netherlands is in fact closed. Initiator Gerard Bueters and some volunteers still try to keep the main things running. The website will be the key tool for that online activity.

But we want to improve the network and connect more countries. We ask all people interested and visitors of this website to give us your suggestions for funding. Maybe you yourself or your organization want to fund us, so that the project and network on local level are not quietly dying on the longer term.

Please contact me with you ideas and connections: sent a mail to

Gerard Bueters