Basic Views Foundation is a media development organization, who train disadvantaged young people in developing countries into professional photographers, video reporters and  multi media makers. They become local producers of independent information for the benefit of their communities. So thgey improve their own lives and those of their family, friends and communities. Central tools are digital visual and social media. Also screening content in the slums (documentaries, videos, photo reports, stories and music clips) on large screens is an option, besides distribution through Internet.

Access to independent information strengthens individual participation in the community and will promote local democratic processes. Basic Views Foundation develops sustainable local audiovisual projects, because important information at all times must be accessible to all strata of the population. With their experience and impressions in the slum they get local capacity in audiovisual productions. Young slum dwellers who inform local society.
In the countries BasicViews Foundation works with dedicated local individuals and partners to develop joint programs and independently as local Chapters. Professional and practical use of independent TV reports and photography contribute to local democratic processes.

A strategic international digital network of professionals for exchange and sharing of knowledge, experience and informational productions in multi media via internet www.slumcinema.tv