Child sells for little pay

Kampala is the capital city and business centre of Uganda. There, some traders are employing young children to sell their goods for very little pay. 13-year old Ronald Ocheng is not anymore attending school but trying to secure his future. After the tragic death of his parents, caused by the war, he had to move down from Northern Uganda 400 km to Kampala. Now his relatives have posted him in the city to make money and sell biscuits for Ugsh 1,000 per packet. He only earns Ugsh 1,500 a day regardless of how many packets he sells.

Kefas Ongang 13 years old had to leave his home village of Tororo some 320 km North of Kampala. He now lives in the Kinsenyi slum. There he collects scrap from various locations in town to make some money to survive.

Rosana Aguero